Why do women shop more than men

Why do women shop more than men

You can’t imagine the jokes I hear when I tell people that my job is to study how women shop. Most of them revolve around the stereotype that women have an insatiable appetite for shoe bags and glitter. Oh if only I said it was that simple. then I put down Hammer and tell them the real reason women shop so much. That’s when the jokes stopped and the conversation got more interesting.

After all, understanding why women buy is the first step to getting business.

The real reason is thought-provoking. In almost every society in the world women have primary care responsibilities for children and the elderly (often just about everyone else in between). In this primary caregiving role, women find themselves buying on behalf of others around them Life.

The list is long: in addition to buying women for yourself, women represent husbands partners children colleagues adults children girlfriends relatives elderly parents-in-law their businesses even children’s friends, etc. If someone somewhere needs a gift it’s an opportunity for a woman is considering it; track it; wrap it; make sure it has personal information attached to it then reach that person on the specified date. I sometimes think that if women stop being so considerate the industry will collapse overnight. Consider only the impact of the greeting card industry.

What does this mean to you? If you’re in the consumer business that means women are in multiple markets in one. They are the gateway to others. What a compelling reason to study the impact of gender in the sales and marketing process. Every time you serve a woman great she will Have a multiplier effect on your business as she represents a wide range of other potential clients and may tell people about the great service you offer. Here are three strategies to keep in mind when optimizing your sales and marketing to female consumers:

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